Happy Christmas

I almost died on the highway driving home after dropping Thea off tonight. A car in the next lane over swerved to avoid the person in front of them who braked suddenly… and I was in the way. Just minding my own own business. I had to quickly pull into the slushy shoulder and then spent the next minute looking for the horn to voice my displeasure at almost dying. But by then my secret Santa was gone.

Another Christmas over. It was a good one. Received many new material possessions, including a nifty webcam for when I go to Korea. So people can still see me.

I spent Christmas Eve with Thea’s family. Last year I was bored and tired and didn’t have too much fun. This year it was just the immediate family having a late dinner, sitting around the table talking and sarcastically putting each other down. It felt very familiar and comfortable. It was the best time I’ve had with Thea’s family. I can’t wait until I’m allowed upstairs. Boy am I gonna… go upstairs.

Earlier yesterday we had dinner at my sister’s house. We played some ancient pioneer wooden game where you flick little wooden disks at more wooden disks then point and laugh at people when they don’t flick well. Could it have been more fun? Yes.

The highlight of festivities-at-Natalie’s was when Dad took a huge dump and stunk up her house and Natalie ran around spraying candy cane scented air freshener.

Tomorrow a few of us are heading out to Niagara-On-The-Lake to visit Dan. We felt like having different scenery for saying “What do you want to do?” “I dunno… what do you want to do?” The least decisive group of friends ever.

I’m rambling. Christmas is over.

Joey says that this blog is his only means of knowing what’s going on in my life. Hey Joey! How are ya!


One comment on “Happy Christmas

  1. marty fry says:

    Your blog is the best thing I’ve come across on the internet in months. Bravo!

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