I have to get the plate stickers renewed on the car.  Simple.  Just take the emissions test and get the new stickers.

Went for the emissions test this morning.  FAIL.  Apparently our car is emissioning all over the place.  Not really.  It failed one component by a fraction of a percent.  I’m not accustomed to failing tests.  Unless it’s one of Mr. Allardyce’s ridiculous tests in gym class.  To pass the basketball component I had to get 7 out of 10 baskets or something.  OR… if I wanted to go the academic route I could do a written test on all the rules of basketball.  Likewise for all the other sports.  How did I get onto high school gym?  Right, failure.

So the car failed.  Now it’s in getting a new O2 flabberschnipel.

Do you ever wonder what kind of parent you’ll be?  Or, if you’re a parent, are you surprised at the parent you became?  Given how Nazi-like Natalie was as a babysitter, I’m surprised that she’s not overly strict with Lily.  And my mom much more willy-nilly-devil-may-care with the candy-giving to Lily than she was with us.  I remember a lot more brussel sprouts and a lot less jujubes.  I was quite strict with my Korean students while Thea was more laid back, which was the opposite of what I thought it would be.

It’s cold down here.  It’s warmer outside.  I have the windows open but the warm air mocks me.


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