Hallween 2011

I don't recall Superman pooping his pants.

Another Hallowe’en over.

It was the first time I gave out candy in my own house.  Very fun.  Last year we had a food drive so we weren’t able to indulge the trick ‘r treaters, but this year we postponed the food drive for Christmas time so we could do the Hallowe’en thing in our own neighbourhood.

Our neighbours’ strange tendency to socialize and spend time in their driveways turned out to be quite enjoyable on this spookiest of nights.  Everyone was outside their houses handing out candy and chatting with each other… I liked it.

I must say, though, a lot of kids didn’t seem to know the Hallowe’en contract: Demand treats, threaten tricks.  Kids weren’t saying “Trick or Treat.”  I had to force them to say it before I gave them candy and now I’m probably the neighbourhood weirdo.

Thea took Nathanael around the neighbourhood in his Superman costume.  Of course… now we have a bag of candy.  I’ve put it in a bowl to share with guests… Unfortunately by the time we have a guest the candy will be all gone.



Introducing…  my update on the baby: No baby yet.

But everything is ready to go.  Car seat installed.  Crib assembled.  Baby monitor… monitoring.  I had Thea go into the nursery and make crying noises.  So now it’s just a waiting game.  Many people want us to call as soon as Thea goes into labour.  I think we won’t tell anyone and then just show up with a baby.

Halloween was fun but cold.  Trying to relive our youth and combat the rampant consumerism of Halloween, we dressed up and went door to door asking for donations to the local food bank.  It’s very satisfying filling one of those bins, knowing that it’s going to help people who need help.

I’m on a practical Christianity kick.  Well, hopefully a practical Christianity life-changing-permanent-kick where there’s more doing and less talking about doing.  We complain that it’s always the same people actually showing love to the unloved while most people listen to comfortable sermons on a Sunday morning then go about their lives without applying any of the radical generosity and self-sacrificing behaviour that this Jesus thing is supposed to be all about.  But people need guidance and opportunities and maybe even a little kick in the pants.

For example, a lady in our church needs help with her yard cleanup because she’s not physically able.  I organized a group of men to help out… some volunteered and some I just told to show up.  Ideally people want to help, but I’ll take helping-even-though-they-don’t-want-to.

So that’s that.  I think I can predict tomorrow’s update on the baby: No baby yet.