Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Wordpress also recommended this picture... I hope he was in The Last Mimzy

I’ve narcissistically reading through my own blog and I’ve realized I don’t know how to be all whimsical and frothy anymore.  There are all these lighthearted stories about farting in Canadian Tire or… well, just lots of stories about farting.

And now I write about “Sacred Discontent” and the “pain of nostalgia.”  Where’s the froth?  I’m even writing about how I’m not whimsical anymore, which in itself is not whimsical.

And the strange thing is, when I started this blog I was in Seminary.  Meaning, theology and biblical studies all day long.  Not whimsical stuff, my friends.  Maybe the pastoring gig is killing my whimsy.   Poor whimsy.

Incidentally, there’s a movie called The Last Mimzy, which I believe may be the worst title ever.  It might be the greatest movie ever made, but I could never bring myself to watch a movie with “Mimzy” in the title.  On the other hand, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is an amazing title, but I haven’t watched that movie either.

When I say “incidentally” I mean it has nothing to do with what I was saying before except Mimzy rhymes with whimsy.

WordPress recommends certain tags for each post, and it is currently recommending Britney Spears.  I dearly  hope she was in The Lasy Mimzy or attended seminary… because the only thing left is farting.


2 comments on “Whims-a-daisical

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