Socially Inept

First off, I want to say that I’ve come a long way with interpersonal communication.  I now say ‘goodbye’ on the phone and in person before hanging up or leaving.  I don’t abruptly change the subject if I find it uninteresting.  But there are definitely moments…

OK.  Here’s what happened.  Not a big deal, but I’m the pastor so I figure I should be less awkward than this, but there was a new lady at church this morning.  Hadn’t met her before.  Came with her daughter whom I just met a couple of days ago.  Trying to make a better effort to mingle and chit-chat at church… so I walked up to new lady and said, “I’m really horrible at small talk.  I’m not sure what to say now.”  As these words are coming out of my mouth, it’s like I’m looking at them in a big cartoon word bubble and I realize that this is not only an appalling way to start a conversation, it’s not even something that should be said out loud ever unless you want to look like Rain Man.

A friend was standing nearby and he jumped in and wrangled the conversation away, glancing at me with horror and disbelief.



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